Mantra Jewellery – True Wellbeing necklace

Dr Newman has worked as a GP for many years, and has a specialist interest in holistic health, plant-based nutrition, and lifestyle medicine. She is a firm believer that we can take back control of our health journey, in whatever stage of life that we are in.

The mantra, ‘True wellbeing lies within me’, reminds us that we are in control of many of our health and wellbeing goals, and that we have the power to make good decisions – once we are armed with knowledge, and motivated from within.

The design is a heart, with a leaf and spiral detail, designed by Gemma herself.

The heart encourages us to embrace love as the foundation for wellbeing. Love for ourselves, love for our journey so far, and love for what our bodies achieve every day.

The spiral symbolises the universal journey for deeper meaning and looking within ourselves – the winding evolution that we take when we truly focus on finding peace within.

The leaf reminds us of the importance of plants to aid our wellbeing and healing, in what we consume; and the link between ourselves and nature, as we care for the planet that we live on – because we are all connected.

Gemma hopes for this necklace to be a tangible reminder of this powerful and uplifting message, to help us reconnect with ourselves, slow down, and feel empowered. She would love for it to lift your heart, your spirt and your body into a remembrance of your inner beauty, and remind you that all you need to feel whole and well is within you.

Watch our launch video, or read more about our collaboration here.