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If you have ever been curious abut what a plant based diet is and why your patients might be doing it, follow the link here to my blog piece for Inspired Medics on this topic:


If you would like to do a University accredited plant based nutrition course designed for health care professionals, click here:

Plant-based nutrition: a sustainable diet for optimal health – University of Winchester


This website is a fantastic resource allowing you to look up a variety of evidence for the benefits of plant based nutrition, and you can search by disease category:

Plant-Based Diets in Medicine – The prevention and treatment of disease with a plant-based diet


This is a great resource by nutrition experts from around the world helping medics and public alike to understand the basics of healthy living:


For easy to watch video tips on all manner of health issues – with full references for each study cited in the ‘sources’ and ‘transcripts’ section for each video, check out the valuable resource:


Eat Real to Heal: Ep. 40 Dr Gemma Newman MD talks about how she became the Plant-Based Doctor

This interview is aimed at people who help other people make changes in their lives. How can someone change their habits? To create real, sustainable change? For me, this has been a pivotal question in my career and one that has informed most of the decisions I make when I see patients. How could I turn a frustrating Friday afternoon clinic when I feel that nobody is listening to me, into a fulfilling interaction, creating a connection that could change the way a person thinks about their health and their lives forever?

In this conversation I share with Nicolette my BLEND IT acronym, which is aimed at helping doctors, nurses, coaches, parents, friends – basically ANYONE – to communicate ideas and truly listen in a way that will help them make a change.

Intrigued? Then tune in to find out more! I really hope you enjoy this one!

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Live Q&A – talking all things health, plant-based nutrition, and much more: