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The Wellness Edit Series 2

The Wellness Edit Series 1

Power Hour

Get Well, Stay Well with Dr Gemma Newman

Give Me Strength with Alice Liveing

Get Well, Stay Well with Dr Gemma Newman “The Plant Power Doctor”

The ADHD Women's Wellbeing Podcast

Embracing a More Integrated, Holistic and Apiritual Approach to ADHD

Food For Thought Podcast

Diets For A Better Future

In a Nutshell: The Plant-Based Health Professionals UK Podcast

Dr Gemma Newman: No bossing – motivating change in health behaviours

Rich Roll Podcast

Optimizing Hormone Health Through Diet & Lifestyle With The Plant Power Doctor

The Plant Proof Podcast

Managing Menopause With Dr Gemma Newman

The Ellen Fisher Podcast

Child Nourishment: raise healthy kids with plants | Dr. Gemma Newman

The Plant Proof Podcast

A simple prescription for a healthier you with Dr Gemma Newman


Season 3 Episode 14: Dr. Gemma Newman – A Gem of a Doc from Across the Pond

The Emma Guns Show

Dr Gemma Newman | Will a plant-based diet improve your health?

The Doctor's Kitchen Podcast

#97 Emotional intelligence, Ego & Becoming Plant Powered with Dr Gemma Newman

Feel Better Live More

The Power of Plants, Love and Connection with Dr Gemma Newman

Get Your Glow Back

Plant Power with Dr Gemma Newman

The ChickPeeps

S3, Ep9: Lifestyle Medicine with Dr. Gemma Newman

Veggie Doctor Radio

#126: Iron, B12, Iodine and Omega 3’s on a Plant-Based Diet with Dr. Gemma Newman

Eat Real To Heal Podcast

Ep. 40 Dr Gemma Newman MD talks about how she became the Plant-Based Doctor

The Rheumatoid Solutions Podcast

Arthritis – Balancing Lifestyle and Western Treatments with Dr Gemma Newman

Alter Health Podcast

Plant powered mental wellness

The Calmer You Podcast

Plant Power: Mental And Physical Health With Dr Gemma Newman

Nutrition Rounds Podcast

All about women’s health with Dr. Gemma Newman

The Holistic Healing Project

2. The Science of Energy Medicine

Mastering Diabetes Podcast

E65: Is Raising Your Child on a Plant-Based Diet Safe?

The Hardy Haberland Show

#234: Dr. Gemma Newman
or watch here

The Fit Vegan Body Podcast

Episode 23; The Plant Powered Doctor

The New Normal Project

Episode 60: Gemma Newman – A GP helping patients to heal themselves with a holistic plant-based lifestyle

Deliciously Ella Podcast

Plant Power; Eat Yourself Healthy

Rich Roll Podcast

Gemma Newman, MD is the Plant Power Doctor

Generation V

“Is Raising a Vegan Child Safe?” with Dr. Gemma Newman

The Plant Based News Podcast

Vegan Doctor, Writer, Public Speaker & Nutritional Advocate. Interview with Dr. Gemma Newman

The Unlock Wellness Podcast with Dr. Kasey

Episode 189 – Raising a Plant-Based Family

Living Prana Vida Podcast

How to Live a Plant-Powered Life

Veg Club Podcast

Plant Based Vegan Pregnancy, Children & Families

Badassbabe Radio Podcast

How nutrition can play a part in mental health

Ditch the Diet Academy

Is a Vegan Diet Better for You? Part 1 with Dr Gemma Newman

iHeartRadio Podcast

Is a Vegan Diet Better for You? (Part 2) with Dr Gemma Newman

UK Health Radio

How are your New Year’s resolutions and health regime holding out? Dr Gemma Newman, the plant power doctor, discusses detoxing, Veganuary and general health and wellbeing from a doctor’s perspective