VEGAN 2018 – The Film

VEGAN 2018 – The Film Dr Gemma Newman talks in this feature length documentary movie Vegan 2018 about the benefits of a plant based diet.

The Ultimate Guide To…

Vegan Pregnancy

Raising a Child Vegan

Dr Gemma Newman discussing other topics related to health

These are a series of ‘how to…’ videos Dr Newman filmed back in 2009 that some may find useful. The subject headings of these advice videos are based on the most common medical questions people have when they perform internet searches. The videos therefore represent the best answers to these questions when the videos were created. They do not always have an ideal ‘cure’ or a failsafe ‘prevention’, but they do contain some sensible advice and as such Dr Newman hopes you find them useful. If you have any specific medical concerns of your own it makes sense to see your own medical practitioner about them.